BauBuche is a highly efficient timber building material made by the company Pollmeier Massivholz GmbH & Co.KG. At this point we would like to emphasize that from the very beginning we have been convinced of this material and we are proud to have been involved in the development of this unique hardwood product  for many years.


HESS TIMBER disposes of the qualification and gluing certificate issued by the MPA-Stuttgart (Material Testing Institute) authorizing to glue beams made from BauBuche according to the general approval and the ETA (European Technical Assessment) that the company Pollmeier received in 2015 for cross sections up to 300 x 600 mm. In addition, we will take care of the complete engineering and project processing. There are many cost-saving possibilities which we as your project partner will calculate and develop in cooperation with you.

BauBuche GL70

BauBuche GL70 is made from S lamellas of a thickness of 40 mm which are glued parallel to the wood fiber. Owing to its high strength BauBuche GL70 allows slim constructions for high loads and big wide-spans. The lateral faces of BauBuche GL70 show the attractive veneer layers, whereas the upper and lower side show the hardwood surface. Beams made from BauBuche are sanded in the factory and are ideal for uses on visible parts.


As the straight BauBuche beams up to a length of 18 m without machining are produced by Pollmeier, we take care of all the remaining processing steps to refine the product as desired by the customer.

Special forms – HESS BauBuche XL

If you require BauBuche beams of a length > 18 m or a height > 1,360 mm or special forms, HESS TIMBER offers the appropriate solutions by gluing the individual BauBuche panels:

  • precambered beams
  • curved beams (radius > 8 m)
  • special widths / block-glued
  • variable cross sections
BauBuche // Product Introduction
BauBuche // Product Introduction
The beech timber frame of the Mathildenhöhe
The beech timber frame of the Mathildenhöhe