Hess Block

a strong composite.

Due to the available raw material dimensions glued-laminated timber is limited to a component width of approx. 280 mm. If this maximum glued-laminated beam width is considered insufficient either by you or the structural engineer, here too, we can offer a solution: The individual glued-laminated beams are glued to composite sections. These composite sections are also referred to as block gluing. Due to this interesting composite solution it is possible to produce a large number of very different forms and profile variants. Even arches and twisted beams are possible with this product. 


We have focused on specialising on the production of composite sections. This is reflected in our innovative products such as  HESS HYBRID or HESS PREMIUM which we offer as separate products due to their uniqueness.

Construction variants

For the production of bigger component widths we can glue together two or more glued-laminated beams to a solid block. This is the classic method. Depending on the project and the respective component requirements we also produce sections made up from lamellas which are arranged in a staggered manner.