Hess Premium

Dimensionally stable. Attractive. Three-dimensional.

The classic glulam product is composed of lamellas with a thickness of approximately 40 mm and already is a very efficient product. HESS PREMIUM even goes one step further: With our specifically developed machines we produce special rod- lamellas, which in a second production stage are glued to become HESS PREMIUM.

What do you get out of it? HESS PREMIUM is the appropriate product if you want your beams to be especially dimensionally stable, attractive and three-dimensional. Moreover, this product has a minimum cracking susceptibility while at the same time due to the three-dimensional components there will be no loss of strenght.

The rod-lamellas exactly comply with the components' geometry. In the finishing process they are only slightly fly-cut. We trouble ourselves about it because just cutting a three-dimensional timber component out of a block would nullify the quality requirements that you surely expect from three-dimensional timber components. HESS PREMIUM offers no less than three advantages, which the conventional glulam beams can offer to a limited extent only.


Due to the rod-lamella the dimensional stability of the glulam beam is very high. The rod-lamella considerably reduces the swelling and shrinkage behaviour. We do not in fact reach the classic seal effect, which occurs for instance in 3-layer plates or with plywood. The differently aligned year rings in a rod-lamella, however, account for a maximum of dimensional stability which corresponds to the category of glulam timber.


Cracks, as they may occur in glulam timber , are minimized because typically they only affect the first small rod of the rod-lamella. And, in addition, HESS PREMIUM simply looks much better: There are significantly less knots in the wood because the workpiece is cut in premium lamellas with a thickness of e.g. 30 mm. In a second production stage these premium lamellas are glued together once again. This processing reduces the number of big knots.


Double-curved or twisted glulam beams are our specialty. With HESS PREMIUM we can offer three-dimensional components without a loss of strength. How is this achieved? Because the premium lamellas follow the beam's geometrical shape and because no fibers are cut. This produces the positive side effect which was already referred to under the previous heading. What you see is a wonderful fiber course instead of cut fibers which you would see if the free form was cut out of a block.


Reference projects

The following projects show very clearly how different the requirements for glue-laminated timber may be. For the D1-Tower the focus was on the best possible dimensional stability of the components. Whereas the prevailing aspect of the Louis Vuitton project was the high quality requirement for both the simple geometries and the three-dimensionally formed glulam beams. The Toskana thermal bath is also composed of three-dimensional edge beams which had to be produced with the least possible solidity loss. Here too it became obvious: HESS PREMIUM is the appropriate product to meet such requirements.