Fast. Simple. Reliable.

What you get from us with HESS BASIC is a reliable and quickly available product which for many years now has successfully been used in wood construction. HESS BASIC are straight parallel beams principally made of spruce or larch (other species on request). The most frequent applications of the standard cross-sections are roof structures, framing and supports in residential and commercial construction as well as purlin courses and wall beams in hall construction.


  • Glulam timber according to EN 14080:2013
  • Timber species Spruce / Fir / European Larch / other species on request
  • Long edges chamfered, cleanly planed on four sides
  • Max. length: 36 m or endless in spruce with use of HESS LIMITLESS

We are the only producer that is able to produce glulam - even without joint - in the strength classes GL 35c and GL38c. For more information see HESS LIMITLESS.

HESS BASIC | Gründerlabor Wuerzburg © Katrin Heyer
HESS BASIC | Gründerlabor Wuerzburg © Katrin Heyer
HESS BASIC | Berkley Green Skills Centre © Martin Cleveland
HESS BASIC | Hangar Airport Cannes-Mandelieu


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