You are interested in glued laminated timber made from hardwood? Then you are in exactly the right place with us. We have longstanding experience with the processing of hardwood. You will find separate product descriptions made from Beech and Oak woods below.



Oak is sturdy, solid and besides looks very classy and pretty appealing. It convinces due to its visual and mechanical properties. People love this type of wood. Oak is the most popular timber species for flooring and furniture production both in Europe and in the USA. Glued laminated timber made from oak wood can also be used in the building sector. If you want to use oak wood as load-bearing element or to put static load on those beams an individual case approval might be necessary. We will gladly advice you in this respect!



Due to the high solidity values of beech wood as opposed to coniferous timber it is possible to realise filigree bearing structures from beech wood. Moreover, the surfaces obtained with this deciduous timber stand out for their high-grade and smooth appearance. You are surely familiar with the typical beech "look" from the furniture sector.

Sclera // The Pavilion made of Tulipwood
Sclera // The Pavilion made of Tulipwood