GLT Hybrid


Using synergies is, put in other word, the combination of different things for their mutual benefit.  This idea has been seized with the production of  the glued laminated timber GLT HYBRID, a product representing the perfect synergy of two types of wood which have been combined to a premium and efficient product. Normally, the core cross section consists of a standardized and profitable type of wood, for instance of spruce. The outer beam layer is, however, built up from a higher-value wood type such as oak, chestnut or Western Red Cedar.

Areas of application

  • Special timber architecture
  • Special projects
  • Free-form projects


  • Improved cost-effectiveness due to the material combination
  • Possible application as free-form component
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Improved strength
  • Design flexibility


  • Double Winner of the TTJ Awards 2014
Kings' College School Wimbledon