We enable you to realize free formed glulam bearing structures. We have set our focus on specializing in a holistic production and planning which is required by the fascinating and limitless possibilities of free forms. As producer of glued-laminated timber we master each optimization step in the production process. This is important as free form bearing structures typically consist of a great number of different glulam beams many of which are unique. At the same time we take care of the complete digital workflow of your project. And as a matter of course we will realize your project worldwide.

Not all free forms are created equal

Not all free forms are created equal - HESS TIMBER produces the three-dimensional glued-laminated timber in such a way that the wood fibers exactly follow the component's geometrical shape. It is an absolute must for us to maintain the aesthetically demanding bearing structure's geometry which we would spoil by simply cutting the components out of a block. If we did so, we would not accomplish premium-quality surfaces but instead cut fibers and glue joints would be visible. There are advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness, since less waste is obtained. In addition, the component undergoes no or only a very small loss of strength and retains an aesthetically pleasing surface, since the wood fibers are not cut and follow the component's geometrical shape..

individualized solution

We use a unique production technique, such as self-developed 3D-CNC -presses which we combine with our innovative products like HESS LIMITLESS, HESS HYBRID or HESS PREMIUM. Wenn Sie beispielsweise einen sehr langen frei geformten Träger benötigen, können wir HESS LIMITLESS einsetzen. If, for example, you need a very long free formed beam, we could use HESS LIMITLESS. Or if you want the free form beam to be made from a precious kind of wood, we could use HESS HYBRID. These manifold combination possibilities for glued-laminated timber products make sure that we can offer the ideal solution for basically every project.

HESS FREE FORM | Bunjil Place © John Gollings
HESS FREE FORM | La Seine Musicale © Laurent Blossier
HESS FREE FORM | King Abdulaziz Center
HESS FREE FORM | Toskana Therme
HESS FREE FORM | D1-Tower Dubai
HESS FREE FORM | Bunjil Place © John Gollings


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