GLT Hardwood

Hard. Wood. Future.

The European forests are undergoing a change. Their conversion to mixed forests which is reasonable for ecological, climatic and economic aspects also opens up new possibilities for timber engineering. As pioneers in the application of glued laminated timber made of hardwood we are already in the position to act as intermediaries for the transfer of this development into architecture. We dispose of longstanding experience in the development of projects from special types of wood such as oak, beech, chestnut, Iroko, Padouk or the American Tulipwood. Besides their use as full cross sections many wood types may also be combined to GLT HYBRID.

Areas of application

  • Special timber architecture
  • Special projects
  • Structures which are under high static stress
  • For use in outdoor areas depending on the type of wood


  • Extraordinary robustness
  • Durable
  • Innovative and precious look
  • Design flexibility
Lord's Warner Stand © Jon Cardwell
Lord's Warner Stand © Jon Cardwell