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Herne Hill Velodrome

The 1948 Olympic Games in London date back almost exactly 70. These were the first games since the end of the World War II. In the south of London, the Herne Hill Velodrome was the venue for the track cycling competition. The cycling track is therefore not only one of the oldest tracks in the world but also one of the most traditional of its kind in Great Britain. Until the opening of the Olympic Velodrome in 2011, it was also the only cycling track in London. Towards the end of the 20th century, however, the site and the pavilion on it fell gradually into disrepair - until in 2010, the people responsible decided to save this impressive site of cycling history. The new pavilion, which was completed last year and resembles its predecessor in size and appearance, now has an aesthetically pleasing wooden load-bearing and wall structure. The pavilion consists of around 18 m³ of spruce glulam and additional spruce cross laminated timber. The narrow radii of the load-bearing glulam construction are a distinctive feature. HESS TIMBER was commissioned with the planning, production, pre-assembly at the plant as well as on-site assembly.


Southwark, London, Great Britain


Hopkins Architects

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Sport and Leisure, Canopy, Cross laminated timber, Glued laminated timber


Roof construction made of curved glued laminated timber and stiffening roof and ceiling elements made of cross laminated timber.

  • Wood species: Spruce
  • Volume: 18 m³ glued laminated timber


Heyne Tillett Steel


  • Structural Awards 2018: Winner in the category "Small Projects (of between £1-3 million)"