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International House Sydney

In 2016, the country's first commercial wooden multistorey office building was built in Sydney in the district of Barangaroo South. This project marks not only a milestone in the history of HESS TIMBER but also in the Australian construction industry. The foundation for a trend-setting and novel way of building in the urban context was created. To meet the requirements of a commercial building with complex installation levels, HESS TIMBER has developed a new laminated timber beam solution using a combination of spruce and beech that allowed for large service penetrations to be formed within the beam profile whilst providing impressive load bearing capacities. In addition to intensive research and development work, HESS TIMBER's services included the manufacture, pre-assembly and delivery of components to various ports within Europe.


Sydney, Australia


Stora Enso

General contractor

Lendlease Australia


Tzannes, Jonathan Evans

Construction period




Project category

Multistorey, Office


A newly developed composite beam setup enables for the first time large openings in a glulam beam without losing load-bearing capacity or clear height and furthermore no need of further reinforcement.

  • Wood species: Spruce, Beech (beam reinforcement)
  • Volume: 950 m³ glued laminated timber

Product / Solution

GLT BLOCK, Glued laminated timber


  • Australian Timber Design Award 2017
  • Australian Timber Design Award 2017 - Excellence award for Public or Commercial Building
  • Australian Timber Design Award 2017 - Excellence award for Sustainability
  • Australian Timber Design Award 2017 - Peoples’ Choice
  • Chicago Athenaeum and the European Centre for Architecture and Design - 2017 International Architecture Award
  • AIA (NSW) Milo Dunphy Award for Sustainable Architecture 2018
  • AIA (NSW) Sir Arthur G. Stephenson Award for Commercial Architecture 2018
  • NSW Development of the Year Award 2019

International House Sydney (22.06.2016 © Lendlease Group)

Published by: Lendlease Group

The video presents the project "International House Sydney", a seven storey office building with approx. 7,910 m² of space within the Barangaroo South area for which HESS TIMBER delivered the timber construction. It’s the first commercial office building in Australia constructed from timber!