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K:Port Electric Vehicle Charging Station Woolwich

In September 2021, the second K:Port™ electric vehicle charging station in the UK was opened near the Woolwich Ferry Terminal in Glass Yard (Greater London). The EV charging station offers space for 8 charging points and has an integrated battery storage as well as an intelligent energy management system. The K:Port™ concept by the British architecture firm Hewitt Studios is derived from the Japanese term "Komorebi", the dappled light which occurs when sunlight shines through the leaves of a tree. The essence of the tree is apparent throughout the K:Port™, from the form of the canopy itself and the timbers which make up its structure.


The canopy of the charging station for electric cars is made of long-lasting larch glued laminated timber of the highest visual quality. It consists of a central support element with four cantilevers connected to it, with roof purlins resting on them. The architect’s desire for a refined visual appearance with ‘invisible’ connections between supporting elements, as well as the particular demands of a timber structure, required special consideration in terms of design and structural engineering. Consequently, the crosswise extending cantilevers are connected to the central pillar element with a cleverly concealed slotted sheet metal and dowel detail.


Woolwich, Great Britain


Siemens Mobility Limited


Hewitt Studios LLP

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Charging Station, Canopy, Infrastructure, Glued laminated timber

The Glassyard EV Charging hub at Woolwich

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