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Shell Electric Vehicle Charging Hub Fulham

The market share of vehicles with electric drives is steadily increasing worldwide. Therefore, a conventional Shell petrol station in the London borough of Fulham has been transformed into a so-called "EV Hub", a charging station for electric vehicles. The "EV Hub" is the first of its kind in the UK and has 10 high-performance, undercover charging points.


For the canopy, 50 m³ of weather-resistant larch glued laminated timber and around 60 m² of cross laminated timber were used. The larger of the two roofs house 7 vehicles and measures 22 m in length. The smaller, opposite roof construction houses 3 vehicles and measures around 10 m in length. Photovoltaic (PV) panels are mounted on the two roofs, which cantilever out about 7 m, ensuring that the charging process is powered exclusively by renewable energy. At the base points, the glulam supports were anchored by means of stainless-steel slotted plates concreted into the ground. The system is braced by the cross laminated timber panels. The entire timber construction was assembled in just a few days, as the individual frames were already prefabricated in the factory and transported to the construction site in their entirety. This ensured efficient assembly on site. The official opening took place on 13 January 2022.


Fulham, London, Great Britain



General contractor

Artelia Projects UK Ltd


Bowman Riley

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Project category

Charging Station, Canopy, Infrastructure, Glued laminated timber, Cross laminated timber


  • Wood species: Larch, Spruce
  • Volume: 50 m³ glued laminated timber; 60 m² cross laminated timber