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Sky Innovation Centre - Pavilion

The Sky Pavilion, built for broadcaster and telecommunications company Sky, at the heart of its Osterley campus, is conceived as a beautiful object set within a meadow landscape. Although closely aligned with the Sky Innovation Centre, it is intended to be a campus wide restaurant destination. It is positioned to be prominent, providing a unique dining experience with direct connection to the outside through the fully openable garden elevation. The plan form starts with a circular volume which creates and formalises the dining space and connects to the landscape in framed views. It’s form and use of materials have deliberately been chosen to stand out from the family of buildings around it. Timber cladding and zinc standing seam roofing wrap around a carefully detailed structural timber framing. The natural warmth of the timber frame and finishes, create a relaxed, people-focussed space, to support Sky’s wellbeing agenda for the campus.


The structural solution allows for a simple yet dramatic timber frame. The structure emerges like a tree from the centre of the dining room, its branches retained by a circular ring beam, upon which sits a roof light. The roof is supported by elegant, curved timber glulam ‘stems’. The structure exploits the circular geometry for efficiency, using radial glulam portal frames to stabilise the building in all directions.  These frames support a circumferential ring beam, which in turn supports the roof and façade. Wedged CLT panels span from the central rooflight over the perimeter ring beam to form the generous cantilevers at the front of the building. The CLT elements use the back-span to balance the cantilever and are separated from the radial frames. The gap between the glulam frames and CLT deck is used to conceal the service distribution around the ceiling. CLT is also used for the back-of house structure. The natural forms used in the timber structure, paired with stained plywood internal wall cladding, a solid pine grill ceiling system together with the vibrant living wall and ample natural light from the openable glazed walls, create connections with nature and a retreat for visitors to break-out and recharge.


London, Great Britain


Sky UK

General contractor

ISG Limited


Atkins Global



Project category

Canopy, Free form, Glued laminated timber, Cross laminated timber


  • Wood species: European spruce