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Waste-to-Energy Plant Leeds

With a height of 42 metres, the incinerator in Leeds is the largest glulam project in the UK. The assembly was divided into a total of eight construction phases and lasted from April 2014 to May 2015. To deliver all the timber and steel to Leeds, 72 trucks were needed. Usually, recycling and energy recovery facilities are built far from city centres, but not in this case. With this design, the internationally renowned French architect Jean Robert Mazaud demonstrated the functionality of wood as an ideal mediator in the context of sustainable resource management. The main building of the total of 3 buildings of the Waste-to-Energy Plant Leeds is 42 meters high, 123 meters long and 35 meters wide. The partially block glued laminated glulam beams have a cross section of 400 x 760 mm.


Leeds, Great Britain

General contractor

Joint Venture CNIM/Clugston


Jean-Robert Mazaud

Construction period

2014 - 2015



Project category

Industrial, Glued laminated timber


  • Wood species: Spruce
  • Volume: 2.600 m³ glued laminated timber

Product / Solution

GLT BLOCK, Glued laminated timber


  • Structural Timber Awards 2015 - Project of the Year 2015
  • Structural Timber Awards 2015 - Archievement in Engineered Timber

Waste-to-Energy Plant Leeds (© FK Group)

This drone video shows the entire structure of the building.